Mary Frank

Feb 5th - July 17, 2022
Retrospective at the Dorsky Museum, SUNY New Paltz
Curated by David Hornung
catalogue and essay by David Hornung available

Samuel Dorsky Museum, SUNY New Paltz
Opening Reception April 3rd 2022, 2-5PM
Image courtesy of Bob Wagner, Dorsky Museum

Mary Frank: The Observing Heart
“Where is one working from? The observing heart. There is no way to make art. I can only make palpable experience.”

-From the Notebooks of Mary Frank

“Mary Frank reveals herself once more to be the visual poet of the inner life, evoking the pain and the mystery of our human embeddedness in the natural world. She is not afraid of the large subjects, nor is she reluctant to deploy her extraordinary skills as a creator of memorable imagery in the service of our darkest memories: death, chaos, loss, fragmentation. Nor does she trivialize tragedy and terror by suggesting some easy redemptive value to be obtained from their contemplation. Rather, the artist confronts this darkness of the spirit and wrestles it into vivid pictorial expression."

Linda Nochlin, 1998